Blogger's Code of Conduct

As a blogger, I would honestly:

  • Be fair on what I write in my blog
  • Write things that I believe to be truth
  • Specify my source of information – credit to offline sources and link to online sources
  • Specify clearly the use of any unconfirmed fact or information
  • Avoid conflict of interest – clearly disclose my position including job, financial interest, affiliation and relationship if they related to the post OR maintain a detailed About Me page
  • Clearly differentiate between advertisements and blog contents
  • Disclose clearly if an entry is posted sponsored or as advertisement or after accepting a payment or goods to write it
  • Admit and correct mistakes as soon as possible but only with strikethrough or editorial notes
  • Allow comments to engage audience, allow different opinions and clearly state my moderation policy if any
  • Show compassion for human being – be sensitive writing about or using photos of victims
  • Promote freedom of speech

As a blogger, I never:

  • Completely rewrite or delete an entry
  • Threaten people and institution using the blog for personal benefits
  • Write anything undermining nationality, national security, religious harmony and social order
  • Give space to pornography, hate speech and crude content
  • Publish personal and confidential information of people collected during their visit to my blog
  • Spam, spread malware and viruses and engage in criminal activities
  • Plagiarize – copy and paste from other sources
  • Disclose the source of primary information without source’s consent