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Antibiotic Sense

Antibiotic is one of the most common essential drugs after paracetamol. It has also been one of the drugs that are indiscriminately used by patients, pharmacist and doctors.

A young women came up with lower abdominal pain, on an in depth history taking; she said that she took antibiotics for chest pain prior to that for coughing out to hard. It was not a doctor who prescribed the drug but it was some pharmacist who thought that a five day course of erythromycin would make her all…


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Kina Jane Bir Hospital? Nursing Home Ma Gaya Hunacha ni?

This has been my first ever visit to the oldest Hospital in Nepal,Bir Hospital, established in 1889 after the name of one of Rana Prime Minister of Nepal, Bir Shumsher. I wanted to know more about this hospital and services it is offering to people. For that, it would be unfair on my part if I discussed about Bir Hospital without visiting the place. Bir Hospital is the largest referral hospital in Nepal with a bed capacity of 535 patients. The Rana dynasty successfully launched it in 1889…

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Women In Your Life : Menopause

The life expectancy rate is slowly increasing all over the world. Nepal's Life expectancy has increased as well.  The average life span for men is 64 years and for females it is 67 years. With the increase in life span, old age related problems are increasing as well.

One of the most common problems that women face very often in old age is Menopause. Many women are not aware of this condition. They sit in their home; they get depressed by minor trivial issues like household chores and…


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Pressure For Teenagers : Good or Bad?

It was a bright sunny day. While I was basking in the sun, my cousin solved his SLC (School Leaving Certificate) mock papers. He has been meticulously solving it over the past few hours. The SLC exams are due in the next few months. SLC is a board examination carried out by the government of Nepal on a yearly basis for students who are completing their tenth grade. It's also called the Iron Gate that one…


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Why Has Kathmandu Turned Into A City Of Fat People?

Obesity is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality all over the world. This heath menace is slowly catching up in Nepal as well. One is known to be Obese if their Body Mass Index is greater than 30 kg/m2.  Body Mass Index is calculated by dividing the weight of the person in kg's by the height in meters.

Obesity is catching up in the middle-aged group, especially people who are reaching their forties and above. People who are nearing their middle age seem to be stressed by…


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Depression In Medical School:

"I don't feel like studying, I don't want to be a medical student ", this is one the most common sentences that one uses in med school where depression lurks around very often. One of the most common problems that one faces in med school is depression. This is an oppressed topic because no one wants to accept the fact they are going through all that and also the fear of stigmatization makes it difficult for students to ask for help.

Most med students are sleep deprived individuals who…


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Should Doctors Ask Their Children To Be Doctors?

There is a general predisposition for children who have doctors as their parents to be doctors. So why does this happen? Children mimic their parents from early childhood. As they see their parents put their blood and sweat into their work they gradually get accustomed to the daily medical life. What is a medical life?

Medical life is not much of an extra-ordinary life; it's a normal life that a med and future doctor lives. A life, which involves periodic night duties and endless…


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In conversation with a Drunk Doctor

Thank you Dr. B for letting me take your interview. (He was drunk at this phase.)

Dr. B: Anything for you MISS  Sarina and your Blog Medical Mind.

How much did you drink? (Just to make sure that he can stay stable for the rest of the interview)

Dr. B : Not much, few shots of vodka  and few sips of tequila.

I must say you have a very good taste in alcohol. (Both of these drinks has maximum…


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Stephen Hawking: Women are the biggest mystery in the Universe

Stephen Hawking: Women are the biggest mystery in the Universe

There are different sets of women in this world. I am categorizing the ones that I have crossed over my life.

Before I start, let me describe the fact that women have a dozen hormones in their bodies which makes them the individual that they are.

The Strong One: I am talking about the physically strong and mentally strong individuals, who don't take "No" for an answer. These people can hide pain and…


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When? : An Observational Post

I have to say we are the only medical college in Bangladesh that has a two day weekend. When the fifth year days near up, the second day of the weekend gets consumed by lectures and wards. But for now, the two day weekend is bliss in its own way. Nobody visits the hospital during this time unless you need to get some blood tests done or fix an appointment with a doctor.

So I was waiting in an air conditioning room for the blood drawl process. A very pretty lady caught my eyes. Bengali…


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Ten Things That Med Student Will End Up Doing In Free Time:

1. Party hard: we work thrice as much as anyone on the block, not being too much proud of it but yeah we like to make it large when it comes to partying. Currently we don't earn anything so we settle for minor events in the dorm. I am guessing that the future doctors that I know will definitely party much more in the future. Cheers to that!

2. Addiction: Often med students inform and preach about this and they end up getting bored and frustrated with…


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Will You Accept A Female Version Of Sanjay Gupta In Nepal ?

I have been watching too much CNN ever since I was a kid. It was a compulsory channel. My dad forced us to watch it, he watched the current news and we sat there waiting for the news to end. This routine got me interested into the current affairs. No offence, BBC is equally good but I have a special reason to favor CNN.

Dr Sanjay Gupta! I think he was the first person that I followed in twitter. He…


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Going Where The Wind Blows!

I am going to make this as short as possible; I don’t want my readers to get bored.

Have you ever felt like you were the centre of attraction? People give you that glare, just because you are wearing simple jeans.

Well, this happened and I was not bothered by it. The trip was much unplanned; we were supposed to return back to the dorm, if we did not find the bus tickets, luckily we did. This trip taught me several different things:

• Be as random as possible if you want…


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My Winter Rendition!

Its 6:25 AM and the next alarm goes off on 6:30 AM. The 5 minutes that I get are more precious; I pretend to sleep as If it is equivalent to one hour. I still don’t wake up after the last alarm. I let my biological clock decide. For the past two days my biological clock has stopped functioning. I hear my roommate call my names several times. Then I actually realize that I have to be present before 7:30 AM for lectures. I curse the circumstances and the Damn…


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Smoking : A Verb That Kills!

Smoking is a voluntary decision. You pick it up at a primitive age when you cannot make your decisions on your own. Most people indulge in it due to peer pressure or because it runs in the family.

It’s always your decision, to be or not to be? When you inhale the first smoke of cigarette, you voluntarily commit to lose your non –smoker tag. I have asked many people mostly my friends why they started it and I always got answers which lead to the conclusion that most people…


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Should Doctors Marry Doctors?

I asked this question in the free period that we had today; let’s look at some answers by my fellow co-mates:

“Marriage is a social institution. Crap! Can I start again? Well if you want me to define, it’s basically a huge compromise that one person does for the other. As a future doctor and If I may say so all doctors get into weird relationships, knowing that the other can’t give that much time for the other. I would never marry a doctor. Who will look after the kids?”



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Getting Married ? Get A Premarital Test Done!

Last week the Dawn Newspaper, a Pakistani daily published an article about premarital tests that are performed in Pakistan before marriage. Most people marry their cousins and as a result suffer different kinds of problems during pregnancy. Most pregnancies fail and chances are twice likely for the baby to be genetically abnormal.

In Nepal we do not see marriage practices among cousins, so it's less likely that people will have problems during pregnancy but I do agree to the…


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